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Lena andrews scholarship


A.   Each year the Finance Committee shall recommend to the Church Council the number of scholarships and the amount of each scholarship to be made available.

B.    Scholarships shall be awarded for one year only. The recipient of a scholarship may apply for additional scholarship in subsequent years, but such application shall be considered equally with all new applications.

C.   Scholarship payments will be made directly to the institutions in which the individual is enrolled unless some unusual situation is approved by Council.

D.    Recipients will be expected to maintain a “B” average.

Applicants and Applications

A.   Applicant must be a member of SABC

B.   The institution in which the applicant is enrolled must be a post-secondary college or seminary that is acceptable to the committee and to church council.

C.  The applicant will be required to give evidence of financial need, career goals, church, school, and community service and participation, and a conscious feeling of God’s direction in his/her life. This will be expressed in a short essay attached to the application form.

D.  The applicant (or guardian) will be asked to sign that it is understood that the scholarship is for one year only and the decision of the committee is final.

Lena Andrews Scholarship Application

"Receiving the Lena Andrews Scholarship in 2007 helped to provide me with the chance to attend Clemson University.  I grew up knowing that I wanted to go to Clemson because I loved the sports program, campus atmosphere & engineering program, but Clemson gave me so much more than those things.  The Lena Andrews Scholarship was a blessing that helped give me the opportunities to enjoy some of the greatest years of my life, meet my beautiful, loving wife, make countless friends who I remain in close contact with to this day, provide me with small groups and brothers in Christ who helped keep me accountable, an engineering degree that helps me provide for my family today, learn countless life lessons, and to grow as a Christian & as a man.  Scholarships are most often seen for the monetary value that they provide, but looking back at receiving the Lena Andrews Scholarship, I can't help but to see the many, many ways God used this scholarship to bless me with so much more than just a financial benefit.  My family and I will forever be grateful for Ms. Andrews' graciousness and generosity that she has given to me and so many others through this scholarship!"

-Jay Brewton, Recipient in 2008 & 2009

"Although I never had the privilege of knowing Lena Andrews, older church members who did often tell me about her generosity and her love for St. Andrews Baptist Church. Her giving spirit lives on through the Lena Andrews Scholarship established to assist her fellow church members. Indeed, reaching my own goals would have been much more challenging without the support of the scholarship. Not only did the scholarship help lessen the financial burden, it also provided me an invaluable sense of support from my church family as a young student at Furman University and later during my years in medical school. Now, as I finish my last few months of residency at Vanderbilt, I reflect on how much more difficult my dreams of becoming a physician would have been without the support of this scholarship. I am so grateful for the impact this scholarship has had on me and so many others.  In my own practice, I hope I reflect the same generosity, selflessness, and love for God and His church that Lena Andrews exemplified."

-Evan Dingle, Recipient in 2007 & 2008

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