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st. Andrews Baptist church MINISTRIES

Sometimes it seems churches become mostly focused on meeting their own needs. Here at St. Andrews Baptist Church, we believe God has called us to help meet the needs of our community. Each year, we invest more than a quarter of our ministry budget in meeting needs that exist beyond the walls of our church. We do more than give money. We also invest thousands of hours in serving people in our community. What are we doing? Here are a few examples:

First Myanmar Baptist Church of Columbia

Pastor Thomas leads the First Myanmar Baptist Church of Columbia in worship each Sunday at 10:30 p.m.  These services are offered to all Burmese-speaking people.  The services are held in the Chapel of St. Andrews Baptist Church, 230 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC.  

Kid's Ministry

Looking for more information on attending St. Andrews for the first time with children? We have ministry, missions, and teaching options for children and families of all ages.Our teaching team of caring adults is committed to making children’s experiences fun and exciting, but also meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives.

Student Ministry

Students of all ages have unique goals, interests, and challenges. At St. Andrews Baptist Church, we strive to give students a unique place to worship, fellowship, and find God. Our student ministry is made up of two primary components: The Youth Ministry, for students in grades 7-12, and the College Ministry, for young people in a post-high school world.

Music Ministries

Music connects people! Of course, you can sing or play an instrument by yourself, but it’s so much more meaningful to make music with others. Music in worship is especially a time when barriers of age, race, and style become less important, and praising God becomes the primary goal. Come, make that connection – to others, and to God – and involve yourself in a variety of music ministries. We have options for all ages.

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Holy Casseroley

Holy Casseroley is a community program that makes homemade, frozen casseroles available to people who could benefit from this simple act of love.

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First Hatian Baptist Church of Columbia

Pastor Tony Danastor leads the First Haitian Baptist Church of Columbia in worship each Sunday at 12:30 p.m.  These services are offered to all French-speaking people.  The services are held in the Chapel of St. Andrews Baptist Church, 230 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC.  For more information, contact Pastor Tony at (803) 806-2129.

Weekday Preschool

Other than salvation itself, our children are the most precious gift God entrusts to us.  Each day, about 100 preschoolers come to St. Andrew’s Weekday Preschool to learn, grow, and be loved.  Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers offer each of our students an enriching learning experience that prepares them for a successful academic future.  All we do for children through our Weekday Preschool is done in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ, who took time to be with children and give them His blessing.  We invite you to call or visit our preschool to learn more about what makes it such a great place to grow.

Adult Ministries

Whether it be Bible study groups, mission activities, or leading in worship, there are many, many opportunities for adults of all ages.

Honduras Missions

Honduras holds a special place in the heart of many SABC members.

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