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Minister of Worship

Our One Priority is to worship and serve God by connecting people to Jesus and each other.

We are building our Leadership Team!

View our current staff openings: Minister of Worship, Minister of Discipleship/Outreach, and Weekday Preschool Teacher.

Please review the openings and complete the Applicant Interest Form below.  The Search Team for the designated opening will be back in touch shortly.

Minister of Worship

The major goals of this position are to own the entire worship experience as his/her place of focused leadership, while partnering with the Pastor and other worship leaders to plan and lead excellent worship services, programs, and emphases, which enable SABC to accomplish our One Priority.  Our One Priority is to worship and serve God by connecting people to Jesus and each other.

Qualifications and/or Skills Desired:

  • Passion to serve Jesus through leading others in high-quality worship.

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in church music or the equivalent.

  • Previous experience in full-time music ministry.

  • Energizing and engaging personality to welcome and encourage others to participate in worship.

  • Successful previous experience conducting choirs, ensembles, and the like.

  • Vast knowledge of classic hymns and traditional worship music and styles as well as new worship songs and music styles.

  • Experience playing the organ/keyboard would be helpful.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Plan and successfully implement high-quality worship services in a team effort with the Senior Pastor and other ministerial staff.

  • Establish and monitor the budget for the music ministry and its needs.

  • Direct, coordinate, equip, and oversee choirs, ensembles, etc.

  • Collaborate with the pianist, organist, and other instrumentalists involved in worship services.

  • Work directly with the tech team to support the sound, live stream, and video needs for each worship service.

  • Maintain the equipment needed in worship to include the organ, piano, handbells, robes, etc.

Other Assigned Tasks:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and other meetings as needed.

  • Plan and execute special programs throughout the year to include Easter/Lent, Advent/Christmas, etc.

  • Develop and promote music opportunities for children, youth, and senior adults.

  • Assist with hospital visitation, church family crisis support, and other spiritual needs of the congregation.

  • Be fully active and invested in the life of the church.

  • Other duties as necessary.

Email resumes to, or call Tom Sheets (803-960-8005) should you have questions.

Minister of Discipleship and Outreach:

St. Andrews Baptist Church (SABC) in Columbia, SC is seeking a Minister of Discipleship/Outreach to join our church staff to lead people into missional engagement by providing leadership, training and deepening the congregation’s Biblical and spiritual relationship with Jesus and their calling as a Christian disciple.  This position will involve disciple-making outreach to those not engaged with our congregation plus outreach and training for those within our church.  The individual will play a key role in furthering the Church’s One Priority and should demonstrate understanding and agreement in personal beliefs that align with the Baptist Faith Denominational Relationship statement as adopted by SABC.  The individual must maintain highest Christian ethical standards in personal habits, integrity in speech, and kindness to do everything in Christian love.  Must be able to work effectively as a leader for the congregation while focusing on disciple making activities and training.  Must be adept in conflict resolution and listening to team members.  This individual must be enthusiastic about supporting Jesus focused discipleship at our church.

Position Qualifications:   Prefer seminary educated candidate with Master of Divinity (MDiv), Master of Religious Education (MRE), or Master of Christian Education (MCE).  Prefer five to seven years of experience serving on a church staff.

Weekday Preschool Teacher

  • Educational Background Preferred

Minister of DAO


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